Time to Say Goodbye – 9/3/2018

Westfield, New York — circa 1959

That’s it for this Blog

Thanks to everyone for your kind words of encouragement over the years. Perhaps, at some time in the future I’ll be back, but for now I no longer have the required energy to post or follow.

My Website will remain semi-active at: http://www.digital-infrared.com

If you wish to contact me my email is: robert@digital-infrared.com

All the best…R

Since I’ve Been Gone

JULY 15, 2018

As some of you may know, I have been busy dealing with aging parent issues. Although I have tried to keep up with those of you who I follow – there are only just so many hours in the day for Blogging. I’ll return to regular postings just as soon as family issues get sorted out.