Blue Blobs (2013)

Blue Blobs (2013)

Abandoned Cement Contractor’s Building — Waterbury, Connecticut

Nikon D80 – Three frame HDR with Perfect Effects Texture and Tone

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4 responses to “Blue Blobs (2013)

  1. Perfect Effects Texture and Tone? Is that a plugin? I like the image, i think it’s quite interesting but i think the editing is a bit too much. It looks very hdrish :p

    • It is both a standalone application and plug-in for Photoshop – it was a free download (they are up to version 8 now – this is version 4) – yes, a bit much, but for me it was what I needed for the image. This was shot at a time I had lost my tripod mounting screw – so I was shooting a lot with my monopod – NOT conducive to multi-frame HDR – so this a compromise. Here is the link – see if it is still being offered – they have a lot of subtle effects as well as vintage film.
      Let me know…

    • Thank you – I was on the fence with this as too much HDR is not a look I go with often – but the effect gave a bit of dynamism to the “blobs” which is why I ended up posting this one.

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