On the Lower Campus (2014)


Philadelphia Building at Pennhurst — East Vincent, Pennsylvania

From 1908 until the 1960s the buildings were designated by letters  on what was referred to as the lower campus. During the 60s buildings were given names and the letter designations were discarded. These older structures were designed by Phillip H. Johnson and were two-storied, made of red brick and terra cotta with granite trimmings. They were connected by fire-proof tunnels featuring walkways on top of the tunnels for the use of transporting residents with a parallel steam piping system – unlike other institutions these tunnels were partially above ground.

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)



21 responses to “On the Lower Campus (2014)

  1. experimental to find a balance between a technique and composition. This ,to express what kind of story is behind. I like always your notes, that makes it respectful.

  2. The detail is just incredible. My eyes are all over this image. The framed windows of the main building itself and the other one off to the right behind the trees. And that front door…love it! Just spectacular!

  3. You really have done something wonderful with mother nature here Robert – it looks like it is creeping up to swallow the building whole. Has a surreal, eerie and brooding quality like the building is also waiting and watching.

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