Mother (2014)


Pharmacy Cabinet at a Nursing Station in Devon Hall — Pennhurst State School

“They would call you ‘mom.’ I don’t know where the word mom came from with them but I don’t care if they were 60 and I was 30, I was mom. I think that’s why most of us called them the kids, because they were like children to you and you got to love them.” – Theresa Fakete, Pennhurst Aide and Union President 1968-1987

Nikon D700 w/20mm f2.8 Nikkor

In a Different Light



15 responses to “Mother (2014)

  1. People like her who work with the mentally challenged are angels in my mind. Everyone deserves to feel a sense of home. Beautiful shot Robert and for some reason this one got me choked up.

  2. I agree that balance needs to be given. There were a lot of employees who did care about the patients there, and gave all they could. Not everyone was cruel and abusive. Due to lack of funding, there was overcrowding and not enough staff to go around, as well as proper equipment and funds to build additional wards. The parents who sent their children here, as well as our government, are just as guilty when it comes to the lacking at Pennhurst. Keep up the real story Robert!

  3. a nice empty atmosphere you presented. I was attracted the most by the blue wall presente as a pealed off brown one. That expresses its history behind. You let us look further behind that wall to the next chamber and so you created depth. A little disturbance I noticed in front of the image. Roughly cut off, but this is maybe because you used a 20 mm wide or presented the corner a little close for this atmosphere . Only me of course . Cheers bart

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