Too Far Gone (2014)


Pennhurst State School — Spring City, Pennsylvania

Even though most all the buildings on the lower campus were built at the same time, some are in a greater state of decay than others.

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)


23 responses to “Too Far Gone (2014)

  1. An interesting fact. I guess there’s some complex mathematical formula that determines the rate of decay, but I’m just happy to know that decay and entropy are the natural state of order.

    • As a physic’s professor once stated to my class – a pile of iron won’t naturally evolve into a ’56 Buick, but a ’56 Buick will naturally devolve into a pile of iron. 🙂

  2. Amazing photo Robert! I really missed seeing your posts…I will take my time now to check out your blog and see what i missed 😉 I hope you’ve been doing well…Many greetings from Vienna 😀 Hehe…feels so weird that i can finally say that!

  3. Beautiful, Robert! How did you get those clouds to pose so perfectly for you? 😉 I love this image. It’s the kind of building that we love to shoot in IR for so many reasons.

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