Time Out (2014)


Mayflower Hall at Pennhurst State School — Spring City, Pennsylvania

Time to sit down and think about what you have done.

Nikon D700 w/20mm f2.8 Nikkor

In a Different Light


25 responses to “Time Out (2014)

  1. The buildings are gorgeous! I can’t get enough of your series Robert! You bring out the true beauty while telling the truth about Pennhurst.

    • Thanks Jenn…how goes the ramp up to the haunted Pennhurst – what do they have you doing? One more day here for me, then on to a new location – I still have dozens of shots, but those will have to wait.

      • It’s going great! I was on the fence a little about this opportunity given the history, but after seeing the respect held by everyone, I feel good about being there. Many of the customers are interested in the history of the place even though they are paying to get scared by actors. They have me dressed as a German soldier guarding the entrance to the “dungeon”. I stand adjacent to the Mayflower by the basement of the Admin building.

  2. the reason I press Like . This image is very mystereous , a room full of punishing words. A little to dark in the left corner but that can be the screen appearance of my screen . Maybe you can let me know. Robert , If you don’t like these kind of comments of mine , Let me know . I make a selection nowadays who to follow or not , I like to be constructive commenting work so we can both learn and enhance or style. I am not the guy who are using superlatives without comment or thoughts to improve, that is boring me. In any case let me know , Cheers Bart

    • Hello Bart,
      Please continue to make the comments you do. I welcome all comments as long as they are in a constructive spirit. I’ve been shooting for too long to be thin-skinned…The right side is dark, but there is still detail there. My computer at work would render this area extremely dark, So I understand how monitors can vary. Thank you!

  3. Trapped! So many windows, such little light. Many are boarded? Adds to the feeling of entrapment. Decay.. I can almost smell it… All those textures and dust.. or the sense of it.
    I find this image very engaging.. Great shot and again composition. Really like the softness.
    Always enjoy the thought put into your images Robert 🙂

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