Time Out (2014)


Mayflower Hall at Pennhurst State School — Spring City, Pennsylvania

Time to sit down and think about what you have done.

Nikon D700 w/20mm f2.8 Nikkor

In a Different Light


25 responses to “Time Out (2014)

  1. the reason I press Like . This image is very mystereous , a room full of punishing words. A little to dark in the left corner but that can be the screen appearance of my screen . Maybe you can let me know. Robert , If you don’t like these kind of comments of mine , Let me know . I make a selection nowadays who to follow or not , I like to be constructive commenting work so we can both learn and enhance or style. I am not the guy who are using superlatives without comment or thoughts to improve, that is boring me. In any case let me know , Cheers Bart

    • Hello Bart,
      Please continue to make the comments you do. I welcome all comments as long as they are in a constructive spirit. I’ve been shooting for too long to be thin-skinned…The right side is dark, but there is still detail there. My computer at work would render this area extremely dark, So I understand how monitors can vary. Thank you!

  2. Trapped! So many windows, such little light. Many are boarded? Adds to the feeling of entrapment. Decay.. I can almost smell it… All those textures and dust.. or the sense of it.
    I find this image very engaging.. Great shot and again composition. Really like the softness.
    Always enjoy the thought put into your images Robert 🙂

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