Bust My Buttons (2014)


Ball & Socket Manufacturing — Cheshire, Connecticut

Ball & Socket manufactured metallic buttons and fasteners from the 1850s until September 1994. On-site operations included metal stamping of brass and carbon steel, tumbling, electroplating, lacquering, and metal cleaning. Recently a group of three Cheshire residents has purchased the property with the idea of turning the 68,000 square foot location into a retail and cultural arts center. You may find out more about their vision here: Ball & Socket Arts

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)

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28 responses to “Bust My Buttons (2014)

    • Thank you Leanne – yes…targeted repurposing. When I approached the new owners about shooting there, they were very inviting – they left me alone while they cleaned up all the “droppings” left over the years by a raccoon colony. They have a huge amount of work to do my the projected 2017 opening.

      • That is my goal – some progress shots. I have to get them a CD of the images I took as I promised them they could use my work free of charge for promotional purposes – then I hope to be invited to show the images when they get the gallery going.

  1. Beautiful image – I also like the light in the leaded window . It does sound like a huge project, but fantastic if they pull it off – and I hope you get show your work there 🙂

  2. Great shot! Glad to hear it is being repurposed.
    Also congrats on your collaboration with the new owners. Wishing them success with all the work ahead of them.
    Hard to picture this as a manufacturing site from here.

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