Light Me Up (2014)


Ball & Socket Manufacturing — Cheshire, Connecticut

You can imagine where work stations and machines were by the location of the overhead lights – and there were plenty of them still here.

Recently a group of three Cheshire residents has purchased the property with the idea of turning the 68,000 square foot location into a retail and cultural arts center. You may find out more about their vision here: Ball & Socket Arts

Nikon D80

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14 responses to “Light Me Up (2014)

  1. Great image! The atmosphere and light is just good for me all round this is space. Its a space that will see me dreaming. Reminds me of POD- Sleeping awake.

    • Thank you – I go into almost a dream-like state when I go inside all of these structures – shooting is so second nature to me – The light coming in through multiple layers of dirty glass acts like a huge soft-box for illumination helping to give the effect you describe.

  2. I was wondering about that stuff on the wall – but I see that Lignum Draco already got that clarified!

    This is a lovely space – the lighting is especially nice. I hope the eventual renovation will maintain good natural light.

    • I believe because they have gotten a few State grants they will be maintaining the integrity of the architecture – although some areas may need modification due to their end use. But they are planning a restaurant/bar, a performance area, retail space as well as a gallery.

      • I haven’t had a chance to look at the link you provided but I will try to do that today. My educational background is in architecture and historic preservation planning (my profession is neither of those), so I am always interested in seeing how old buildings can be given a new function.

      • I’m sure that they would be willing to speak with you as they do have emails provided on their site. The woman who I spoke with is Ilona – she grew up in this town and has a good vision for the place.

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