The Porcelain Prevails (2014)


Ball & Socket Manufacturing — Cheshire, Connecticut

For anyone who has done Urbex work – porcelain is usually the first thing to get broken by vandals – it is refreshing to see that most all of the sinks and toilets at this location are intact. From an exit map on the wall, this appears to have been the employee cafeteria.

The Ball & Socket Manufacturing building is currently undergoing a targeted re-purposing restoration, and you may read more about it here: Ball & Socket Arts

Nikon D80

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21 responses to “The Porcelain Prevails (2014)

  1. This does look surprisingly un-ruined!
    I thought the windows were mirrors at first. Are they windows?
    Also like that splash of blue Robert, among all the ‘beige’ 🙂

    • Thank you – My guess is that this location is located on a very busy main road – and a portion of the building has remained in use. In addition Cheshire, CT is home to a State prison and with all the corrections officers living in town, it probably isn’t too wise to trespass here.

  2. Impressive image!! Love the blue and feel my fingers itching to pull away the layer of paint, but then again it will ruin it all!

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