Suck It Up (2014)


Ball & Socket Manufacturing — Cheshire, Connecticut

Although the machinery that was once here is long-gone, there are plenty of bolts sticking out from the poured concrete floor to trip the unwary explorer.

Recently a group of three Cheshire residents has purchased the property with the idea of turning the 68,000 square foot location into a retail and cultural arts center. You may find out more about their vision here: Ball & Socket Arts

Nikon D80 with two frame HDR

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24 responses to “Suck It Up (2014)

    • Thanks – yes certainly enough room for the Tardis to materialize in too. On a side note…have you seen Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor? I’m quite taken by his interpretation of the Time Lord.

  1. The bolts have got to go, but those curious tentacles of doom can stay.. Ha ha love it! Life afterwards for industry as art installations 🙂
    Doctor Who – Im liking PC’s darker doctor – just unsure about the depth of the story lines… so far.

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