The Remains of the Day (2014)


Ball & Socket Manufacturing — Cheshire, Connecticut

While water and flooding are an annoyance, the dirt and slit left behind adds to the cleanup efforts. And as the water recedes, we must take our leave of the Ball & Socket plant. I wish the new owners success in their efforts to restore this place – perhaps I will return in the future to give everyone a photographic update of the site. Tomorrow we are off to a new location…sort of.


The Ball & Socket Manufacturing building is currently undergoing a targeted re-purposing restoration, and you may read more about it here: Ball & Socket Arts

Nikon D80

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25 responses to “The Remains of the Day (2014)

  1. Thank you, Robert, for all the posts. It’s been a real thrill to see them on your forum and hear the responses from your colleagues. I definitely think these should be seen at Ball & Socket when we are up and running! Looking forward to watching your journey as well.

    • Thanks Ilona – It would be an honor to show my “before” images at your gallery – as you progress, don’t hesitate to mail me and let me know if you want some “in progress” shots. I did give a plug to your efforts during my WESU interview this past Tuesday. Good luck to you and the project!

  2. It has been a great journey of images and I also wish the new owners much success. Btw, the overall winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 was an amazing infrared shot of lions 🙂

  3. Another stunning image, Robert. The “drapes” of sagging plastic drew my eyes; a somewhat macabre, incongruous look of faded finery. Such an interesting image!

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