Duplex House in the Fall (2014)


Duplex House at Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

Duplex House is a two-story Tudor Revival structure constructed of brick, stone, and slate that was used to house medical staff at the sanatorium. Lying on the Western edge of the property line it is very close to private housing and, as a result, has not had the amount of vandalism that the Maher building has seen. After applying to the State of Connecticut, I was granted permission to photograph the inside of both this building and the Superintendent’s cottage. What follows will be my images of these wonderful structures….

Nikon D610 FX

An Infrared exterior shot of Duplex House from a previous post:SeaView_9635

Gallery Opening of my Urbex work HERE


22 responses to “Duplex House in the Fall (2014)

  1. This would not look out of place at an Ivy League institution.
    Interesting they granted you permission. I would have thought a government agency would have been worried about you being injured inside an abandoned owned by them, and the consequences thereof.

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