Window Art (2014)


Duplex House at Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

These upstairs windows, with the exterior foliage, look like works of art on the wall.

Nikon D610 FX

For an article on how I shoot abandoned space click HERE

Gallery Opening of my Urbex work HERE


30 responses to “Window Art (2014)

  1. I love the tones here and how the fall leaves compliment the walls on the inside. The carpet is amazing in this image! i’m sure I wouldn’t want to lay down on it in person though!

  2. This is a very good work for me , Robert. The geometric shapes and all details are needed and are present. One more detail and the image is disturbed . One less , the image is not complete. In addition you created depth by the doors and window . I don’t feel trapped and enjoy the scenery. In fact not that easy to make because of the risk of high tones or burned out parts into the high tones. You know which items it made for me ? The door open in the next room and the lighting on the wall . As a cherry on a cup cake 😉 , the heat convertor , there is only one instead of 2 . That asymmetry is nice. if you have the time look for erwin olaf photographer . Except the enscenering , some aspects are similar. Maybe he can inspire you further. cheers bart PS this is not widow art for me open art 😉 , very good ,like this work and I wanna see more of this , this kind of work .

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