Film Swap with Helen Briggs | 5 (2014)


Tree Lined Stairs — Film Swap

Breaking from my one post a day tradition, I will be featuring the results of my film swap project with Helen Briggs Photography in the UK along with my regular posts.  I feel it is fitting that the randomness of film swapping works within the greater context of my entropy shots. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I do.

Nikon FM (my part) with 20mm f2.8 Nikkor on Agfa C-41 film.

Helen Briggs Photography


11 responses to “Film Swap with Helen Briggs | 5 (2014)

    • Hello Alex, Yes, we each shoot a roll of film and then rewind it into the canister leaving just the tongue out – the next person reshoots over the base exposure and processes the roll – the results are purely random double exposures.

      • Wow, that is a really nice idea! Love it actually! 😀 You really do not know what the results will be! Too bad i left all my film cameras back in Greece but i will look for a cheap one at some of the outdoors markets that happen very often here 😀 I would love to try it!

      • Helen uses some very old almost Lomo type SLR’s and other film cameras. Although she did not do the following here is what I suggest: as soon as you get the film on the take up spool – place a mark on the film with a marker as an index start point for the next photographer – then under expose by a stop. I’d love to see your results!

      • 😀 Thank you for the tips Roberts! I will definitely give it a try as soon as possible! I just love the surprise element in this and it’s a cool way to collaborate with other photographers as well 😀

    • Thank you – Yes I love the results of the randomness of how images are put together – I’m a big fan of the Beat writer’s cut-up method, so I guess this is just a logical thing for me to try.

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