Seven (2014)


Duplex House at Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

Families of the Doctors used to stay on the grounds of most State Hospitals.

Nikon D610 FX

For images of my film swap with Helen Briggs Photography, click HERE

For an article on how I shoot abandoned spaces click HERE


13 responses to “Seven (2014)

  1. it could be that 7 is not just a random number… Maybe you should keep it in mind for the next lottery draw 😛 You hit the jackpot with this photo anyway 😉

  2. A good work of you Robert. I did not see a corner , i did not see color and doors , But I saw the composition of all elements fitting in. Somehow you made this place friendly not hostile or abandoned. Your title ls for me perfect with maybe a disadvantage that one lays immediately the focus on or the search to the ‘seven’.

    For myself the seven in this image is added as a kind of personalization with history . Life was taken place in that image. In addition and very personal with the aspect ‘friendly place’ , the seven triggered me to the movie seven which is in contrast to the impression being not hostile. That emotion I like ,

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