Super Hearth (2014)


Superintendent’s Cottage at Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

A nice little home for the superintendent and his family – seaside at Seaside. From a 1980 article in The New London Day newspaper: “Thomas J. Sullivan lives in a 12-room house overlooking Long Island Sound and pays a monthly rent of $285.00, including utilities. Sullivan is superintendent at Seaside Regional Center…”

Nikon D610 FX

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7 responses to “Super Hearth (2014)

  1. Damn, i pay more rent for a single room than he did for the whole house…I’m moving there right now 😛 The fireplace looks a bit out of place or is it my idea? Doesn’t really match the design of the rest of the room…

    • Well remember those are 1980s dollars – I did the conversion and – while still a deal – in today’s dollars it would be about $1,100.00/month…
      Yes the fireplace is a bit dull compared with those at Duplex House.

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