Arch Rivals (2014)


Superintendent’s Cottage at Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

A photo merge of two frames looking across the cottage – front to rear as follows: Dining Room, Foyer, Living Room, Sun Porch.

Nikon D610 FX

For an article on how I shoot abandoned spaces click HERE


18 responses to “Arch Rivals (2014)

  1. Perfection! 😀 Very strong perspective! I should start merging frames as well, cause my wide angle at 17mm is not wide enough for Vienna…but merging should be a good solution 😀

    • No, these were standard 8-9′ (3M) ceilings – it may be due to the low angle I’m shooting from combined with the photo merge. The darkness may have something to do with the perception on this as well.

  2. Wow, this is a great view! I like that you merged your images.
    I thought it was one wide angle cropped – but this works so well.
    I like seeing the overall and again, the clever title 😃

      • Well it works! Serendipity then 😀
        So happy to be caught up on your posts – cant believe weeks have passed. The year is almost done! Has been a fast one 😀

      • Glad you are up to date with my little adventure – a week or so of more posts from here then off to someplace else. Yes, it is difficult to think that 2014 is just about over.

      • Will look forward to it as always.
        Im hoping to step outside with the camera soon.
        We’re getting such hot and stormy weather (as said the other day) – Im suffering withdrawal 😃😃
        Have you managed to get out yet or is the table in your sights?

      • Have not been out since October…having similar withdrawal pains – I’m hoping to hook up with someone soon to go out with, but time is just moving too quickly 😦

      • Table top it is then – for now.
        Silly that time flies by so quickly, although you have been busy with important things 😃
        What’s next for you?

        Its been good to catch ip this morning. Been way too long!

      • Yes – I miss these conversations with my WP friend…I’m waiting until after the holidays to discuss 2015 exhibits with people – everything for now is on hold.

      • Thank you Robert – yes for me too.
        Wishing you success with next year and whatever it holds for you.
        For me, still a day at a time with no solid plans – but moving forward!
        Enjoy your evening 😃😃

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