The Reality of the Situation (2014)


Superintendent’s Cottage at Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

There are always decisions that need to be made between showing what I can see with my eye and what the camera can render – it is a delicate balance between not giving enough information to the viewer and tampering too much with the reality of the location. Above is a prime example of the wide range of tones that have to be contended with when shooting extreme location photography. Tomorrow I’ll show you the same room taken from a different angle with the Dutch Tilt removed and the exposure range compensated for in post processing.

Nikon D610 FX

For an article on how I shoot abandoned spaces click HERE


22 responses to “The Reality of the Situation (2014)

  1. I love the tilt and the title together. Nice juxtaposition. The greenish tone to the right is beautiful. What is it from? I imagine some dumpy neon sign outside saying “No Vacancy”. 😉

  2. I really like it! It’s very mysterious and i find the tilt to be a very smart choice in this one…Makes it look more real in a way, like we are there and it’s our point of view.

  3. Hi Robert 😀
    This is great! Its amazing how much ‘life’ and movement the tilt adds to the image, compared to tomorrow’s – I cheated 😜
    I too like your title.

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