Another Reality (2014)


Superintendent’s Cottage at Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

This is a companion piece to yesterday’s post – showing what a bit of post processing (and a different camera angle) can do to faithfully render an extreme location – however the mood and feeling of this image is very different than the one from yesterday.

Nikon D610 FX


For an article on how I shoot abandoned spaces click HERE


21 responses to “Another Reality (2014)

  1. And, actually, you’ve give me lots of food for thought. I realize I tend to take pictures of things that intrigue me, finding interesting angles, unusual scenes, settings, etc, but I’m not sure I’m being thoughtful enough. I’m not thinking about what I’m trying to “say” with my photo at the moment. I’m merely documenting, I suppose. hmmmmm, must ponder this. Thank you!!

  2. Yeah, now that’s a totally different atmosphere! This is really nice as well but i think i’ll have to choose the previous one…it had that extra something! 😀

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