Along the Road (2014)


Seaside Regional Center — Waterford, Connecticut

Time to move on to another location, but don’t worry, I have plenty of Seaside images in my picture vault for another visit. Whatever the plans are for making this location into a State park, I doubt that what remains will be able to keep the charm and wonder of the site if they choose to raze these structures.

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)

For images of my film swap with Helen Briggs Photography, click HERE

For an article on how I shoot abandoned spaces click HERE


18 responses to “Along the Road (2014)

  1. I really like your Images of Pennhurst in Infrared, something that I’ve been trying to do for quite some time. I don’t have a converted camera for doing this. Just 2 screw on Filters for my 68mm Lens. I can capture a photo, but it seems when I go to change color channels it does not work right. I have not given up on it quite yet. I just have to find the right settings. Well done.

    The time that I was down to Pennhurst, there were Private Property sign’s all over the place, so I thought it best not to Trespass. I must visit that place again.

    • I had an “authorized” visit to the place, but I’m pretty stealthy with my Urbexing. What filters are you using? I know a lot of it has to do with how much the camera itself can “see” IR – typically the older the camera, the less effective the hot mirror is at blocking the IR. The shots straight out of the converted camera are pretty bad and do take a lot of work in post-processing.

      • What I have is a Hoya R72 Filter and another one that is much cheaper. I used them on my Pentax K10D. Maybe it is the camera itself, like you stated. I called Pentax about this, but was told the camera was never tested for that. Since then I have up-graded to new Nikon D7000! I just love it! The Pentax will stay for awhile, cause it is a good camera, but not as good as Nikon!

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