On the Inside (2014)


Roeliff Jansen Central School — Hillsdale, New York

I entered in through what appeared to be an addition to the main structure – it had all the details of schools designed and built in the 1950s to accommodate the baby-boom. From the artwork on the walls and the reduced height of the drinking fountains, I assume that this area was for children in grade school.

Nikon D80

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12 responses to “On the Inside (2014)

    • I do a lot of driving to get to these spots – not so bad now, but when fuel was hitting $4/gallon it got expensive. As you might have read, I just stumbled on this place while heading to a different abandoned spot.

  1. Interesting! The design is not that much different than the elementary school in which I teach, built in 1999. Ours, sadly, has less windows, but I suppose it cuts down on kids gazing outside and dreaming, which I used to do! 🙂 I like the mural, too. I did a bulletin board last year that looked similar.

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