Gymnotorium Theatre (2014)


Roeliff Jansen Central School — Hillsdale, New York

OK, I’ll admit it, I made up the name, but is there a single word for a gymnasium, auditorium and theatre? I can just see all the little kids gathered in here for all sorts of fun events. Tomorrow we head into the older section of the school.

Nikon D80

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9 responses to “Gymnotorium Theatre (2014)

  1. LOL…I love your name. It fits with the other names of the things you shoot. Speaking of shooting…someone shot hoops here once! (Ok, so I had to get that in.) I love the angle and the lines in this image Robert.

  2. That is what ours is called “The Multi-purpose Room” (be sure to intone properly, as if you are looking down your nose as you say it). I always thought it was a “drab” aka “boring” label. I like yours better, Robert. Or maybe gymnotheatorium. 😉

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