Out With the New, In With the Old (2014)


Roeliff Jansen Central School — Hillsdale, New York

We have left the newer, grade school section and are heading into the main portion of the original school building – down a dark hallway with only the sound of my foot steps echoing in the empty corridors.

Nikon D80

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15 responses to “Out With the New, In With the Old (2014)

    • Yes, to be in such a large, rather intact facility with areas of light and darkness was a bit strange – however, because there was only one very small way in, I felt rather secure that I would not encounter anyone…however around ever corner there can be a surprise.

    • Thank you – I decided to leave these few from the old building a bit dark to give the impression of how it was here. – I was quite secure as there was only one way in and the place was locked down pretty tight.

  1. Morning Robert 😃
    That would be rather an edgy feeling – hear the echo of your own footsteps in a long dark hallway.
    I’ve enjoyed the perspective, lines and wonderful light in these images.
    One thing Ive noticed in this last walk is the very geometric feel.
    Looking forward to the old building.
    As always inspiring and thought provoking.

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