I Want to Take You Higher (2014)


Roeliff Jansen Central School — Hillsdale, New York

(“Boom laka-laka-laka, boom laka-laka-laka boom” – Sly Stone)

Circling the administrative offices, I chose to use this staircase to ascend to the second floor. 

Nikon D80


22 responses to “I Want to Take You Higher (2014)

  1. I, too, would have a thing for stairs if I was an Urbexer. One of my oldest memories is as a child exploring some ruined miners houses in Wales. I wanted to go up the stairs, and my father was about to agree, when he must have noticed they, or the ceiling above, didn’t look too safe and decided we were not going up….I still wish I had had a camera then…

  2. Ooo…I love the mystery of what could be upstairs! Are we going there next? And your reference to Sly and the Family Stone…they were our neighbors for awhile when i was growing up lol.

  3. This image attracted me , because the details on it are made by the lighting and not expressed as such. The image let you walk . The garden behind the window makes it all so gentle to get higher without feeling trapped.

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