Welcome to Letchworth Village (2015)


Stewart Hall, Letchworth Village — Thiells,  New York

In 1907, New York State officials cited the need for the establishment of a facility to care for the “feeble minded and epileptic.” The State purchased 2,000 acres of rolling farm country in Thiells, a Rockland County hamlet, to build the facility. Letchworth Village sought to depart from the mission of custodial institutions built during the nineteenth century and instead embrace a forward-looking treatment plan that would provide education, training and vocations to children and adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. At least this is the official story of what Letchworth Village was designed for, but what it became, is the stuff that nightmares are made from…

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)

In a Different Light book

Letchworth Village


27 responses to “Welcome to Letchworth Village (2015)

  1. Did you know that there’s also a Letchworth in England? This town was the prototype of the “garden city” movement that created planned self-contained communities surrounded by countryside. They were supposed to be utopian but your Letchworth doesn’t sound quite so pleasant…

  2. This is another wonderful image, Robert. I can see there is still much to learn in my own processing. You can really work some magic. How do you get that “feathery” look, and so much detail?

    I know what you mean about certain places that greatly affect you as you become one with them while you shoot. There must be uneasy spirits that inhabit LV, ones that need some kind of absolution so they can rest. Maybe by telling the story of this place, that need can be fulfilled.

  3. Beautiful IR shot, I took my camera out yesterday, first time in weeks (weather hasn’t been good for IR). Reading your previous comments, this journey sounds like it will be thought provoking at the very least!

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