Seems We Have Lost Your Paperwork (2015)


Letchworth Village — Thiells, New York

In our not too distant past, people would place relatives into institutions and just abandon them. Within these institutions, these forgotten souls would live out their lives and remain unclaimed by their family even after their death. Unclaimed patients were buried at the institution’s graveyard – people who had long lost their names or individuality only to be remembered by their patient number. 

Nikon D80 with seven frame HDR

In a Different Light book

Letchworth Village


13 responses to “Seems We Have Lost Your Paperwork (2015)

  1. This reminds me of the time I had a term paper to turn in and my typewriter gave up the ghost! I wanted to make it look like this after all the work I had done and still had to do! Good catch and not as creepy (the works, yes!)

  2. I remember being just a number, but in an entirely different system. I found my way out and into a different world where I became an individual 🙂

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