To Be Mended (2015)


Dormitory Cottage at Letchworth Village — Thiells, New York

The clothing gets mended, but not the children who are warehoused here.

Nikon D80

In a Different Light book

Letchworth Village


15 responses to “To Be Mended (2015)

  1. Very sad. I always wonder why are there so many examples in history of abuse, of all different kinds. Reading history to my school kids, they came to the conclusion that people never learn from their mistakes because the cycle of those in control abusing others is repeated over and over again.

    Wonderful images in this series, Robert. Very powerful.

    • Thanks Jo, I think Lincoln was a bit off on the “better angels of our nature”…I do not think that these things (kindness) are innate in the human animal…they need to be taught and if that part of a person’s education goes wrong – many, many others suffer. Glad you like this series…it will go on for a while.

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