Passive Euthanasia (2015)


Hospital Building, Letchworth Village — Thiells, New York

It gets easier to abuse (actively or passively) people when they become a faceless number in a daily routine of overwork and stress. The above image haunts me as I imagine a patient being strapped down naked onto this bed, being dosed with massive amount of Chloral Hydrate, writhing in their own excrement and left to die — a problem to society no more. Rockland County medical examiner, Frederick T. Zugibe investigated more than 100 deaths at Letchworth Village in 1978 and found that 30% of patient deaths were due to aspiration brought on by psychotropic and sedative drugs. Translation: Patients were given high doses of medication and then choked to death on their own vomit.


Nikon D80

In a Different Light book


Letchworth Village


17 responses to “Passive Euthanasia (2015)

  1. And then there were only silence… Well written… I feel very sad when I’m reading this but the story needs to be told. Great work as usual!

    • Thanks – not quite sure what the mask actually is, my best guess (in so much as this was a teaching hospital) is that this was part of a dummy for training mouth-to-mouth – the only part which is open. A “washable” portion of a practice dummy…perhaps.

  2. OMG that is just horrific. 😦 Some day we will look back at our own generation and realize how horrific things are maybe in other ways. The first thing I thought of was Breaking Bad by the way. Did you watch that series? Seems like something right up your alley lol.

      • I watch Orphan Black and yeah one episode of Saul and I was a bit bored of him. I didn’t much like his character too much on BB…well, he was good and there was enough of him. A whole show of him may be a bit too much for me.

  3. Creepy as hell… You must really have a strong stomach to wander in those places, when we already feel uneasy just by watching a photo from the safety of our homes…

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