Exploration in the Deep Snow (2015)


Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

It has been a couple of years since my last trip to Bristol Manufacturing – a place I have visited repeatedly since the early 1990s. Each time I go, the place changes ever so slightly – the graffiti has weathered, the roof has let in a bit more of the outside and visitors have come and gone – each leaving their marks upon the structure. The snow was up above my knees, making this a strenuous exploration, but so worth it as I had a couple of new explorers with me to show off this local Urbex gem.

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)

You can find some of my earlier visits to Bristol Manufacturing in my book: In a Different Light

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, CT


17 responses to “Exploration in the Deep Snow (2015)

    • I think so too – a lot less creepy than my last exploration – although, I would wait for the snow to melt…I sank in up to my mid-thigh in some spots, but once inside it wasn’t too bad.

  1. Great feel of desolation to this shot. I particularly like the shadows on the ground echoing some of the shapes in the vines. Kudos exploring in the deep snow, I’m still not recovered from my last one!

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