Drifting Inside (2015)


Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

A gentle drifting of snow on the inside is tainted by the charred remains of a dying structure and animal tracks leading off into the unknown.

Nikon D80

You can find some of my earlier visits to Bristol Manufacturing in my book: In a Different Light

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, CT


11 responses to “Drifting Inside (2015)

  1. Mother nature will not be stopped. She will reek havoc, tear off the roof and level the walls. She knows nothing other.

    Great photo!

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  3. That is awesome!!! 😀 I wonder how all this snow got in…it doesn’t look like the roof has so many openings for the snow to cover everything so even…

    • There are quite a few openings in the roof and all the windows are gone…but you are right, it just does not seem to add up from what the image shows. (No, i didn’t bring any in) 🙂

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