Not Long for this World (2015)


Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

Ice and snow have made significant inroads into the core of the structure and a total collapse is near.

Nikon D80

You can find some of my earlier visits to Bristol Manufacturing in my book: In a Different Light

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, CT


20 responses to “Not Long for this World (2015)

    • You are very welcome – Part of what I try to do is to show people these beauties with the hopes of inspiring a repurposing of them. But when they are too far gone, it is good to have a history of these buildings too.

  1. Spectacular image as usual, Robert. I especially enjoy the snow sifting in through the cracks, and the icicles hanging from the roof. It enhances the “bleakness” of the image in a positive way.

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