Am I Reading You Correctly? (2015)


Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

A vandalized instrument panel for the boilers at this complex.

Nikon D80

You can find some of my earlier visits to Bristol Manufacturing in my book: In a Different Light

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, CT


11 responses to “Am I Reading You Correctly? (2015)

  1. It is ironic that those who have marked/tagged this (abandoned) territory have claimed ownership over the rubble of the past. The only thing that will last out of this is the work of art you have created in this composition.

    As I become more aware of the abandoned urban landscape of America , I better understand how the trend towards setting narratives in collapsed dystopian settings has become more and more popular in American mass media – The Walking Dead and 12 Monkeys television shows come to mind. I suppose the Game of Thrones & Downton Abbey are inverse responses to the same cultural meme.

    • Interesting analysis and I agree…perhaps it is the pace of change that is effecting society to reflect on how temporary things are…the adoration of the famous who are only famous because they are famous requires people to try to make their own mark upon civilization.

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