Long Ago (2012)


Plume & Atwood — Thomaston, Connecticut

A long time ago, the Greater Naugatuck Valley was buzzing with brass mills – providing finished parts for clocks, lamps and military ordinance. Much like the domestic steel industry, brass production has moved off-shore, leaving in its wake countless brownfields, depressed economies and the decayed structures of our industrial past. I began exploring Plume & Atwood in the early 1990s when the buildings were still more-or-less intact. Time has not been kind to this location – this structure came down in 2014, but a few buildings are still on-site and accessible. I had the chance to return in late 2014 to visit a sister building to this: The Administration Offices…so welcome along.

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)

Plume & Atwood Brass Mills Division  — Thomaston, CT


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