No Account (2014)


Plume & Atwood — Thomaston, Connecticut

When I first visited Plume & Atwood, this room still had all the desks in it from the accounting department – row after row with only enough space for a single person to walk through. The desks are now gone, the ledgers have been balanced and the books have been closed for this structure.

Nikon D700 FX

Plume & Atwood Brass Mills Division  — Thomaston, CT


7 responses to “No Account (2014)

  1. This is a really cool image, Robert. It would be interesting to find the previous image, the one(s) with all the desks still in it. It’s also interesting that you have been shooting these places over time, and you can see (and document) the deterioration as the years go by.

    • Yes, it is interesting to see how time works itself on these structures – a lot of the spaces I visited has either collapsed or has been razed. I’ll see if I can find my film images and see what I took – I tend to think I shot an office looking out one of the windows.

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