We All Knew That Anyway (2015)


Bus Building — Waterbury, Connecticut

Out a broken rear window you see the beautifully majestic Bristol Manufacturing exterior…as to it being haunted I cannot say, but this brownfield site does haunt both this neighborhood and the local tax rolls.

Nikon D800 FX with four frame HDR

For a portfolio page of my work check here.


Waterbury, CT


14 responses to “We All Knew That Anyway (2015)

  1. It’s a great shot with the Bristol building framed by the window but I just saw the previous post – it is not what imagined the interior would look like – it is quite bizarre!

    • Thanks and thanks for confirming my take on this storage little spot – whenever this place was active, the building behind it was in this state of decay, so not exactly “prime” real estate.

  2. Amazing how people leave things in such a disarray. I love how the shades are falling down the window and how the building outside is framed and nicely contrasted in color with the inside.

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