We’ll Be Right Back (2015)


Abandoned Farmhouse — Western New York

Welcome to the farmhouse where the hoarding issues continue from the barn. Like everything else at this site, people just opted to leave midway through some activity.

Nikon D800 FX

For a gallery of images only, please visit my portfolio site HERE.

Chautauqua County, New York


21 responses to “We’ll Be Right Back (2015)

  1. That’s darn interesting. A farmhouse that has not been touched in all those years. Everything is as it was. What get’s me is why hasn’t anything been taken or stolen if no one’s there? It’s a bit creepy. If I found something like this, it would back me off a bit.

    • The farm is situated near other active houses, so I expect that there are some watchful eyes on the place – especially as this is in a small township. But not even a broken (vandalized) window on the exterior…

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