Bow Down to the King (2015)


Building 93 at Kings Park Psychiatric Center — Kings Park, NY

“Ripped open they died…With their final breath…They hailed the King…The King of Kings” – Motörhead

Welcome to a revisiting of the great Kings Park Psychiatric Center (or simply KPPC) – a location featured in my book on abandoned spaces. This time, I was able to spend most of the morning inside Building 93 – formerly used as a geriatric infirmary and drug treatment center  – with help from my friends Amanda and Matt – Be sure to check out Amanda’s images from this shoot here.

Nikon D800 FX

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center — KPPC


29 responses to “Bow Down to the King (2015)

  1. Looking forward to seeing the interior shots – have just been over to Amanda’s blog courtesy of your link, fascinating 🙂

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