2—2 (2015)


Building 93 at Kings Park Psychiatric Center — Kings Park, NY

As good as anything from Pollock, Tobey or Rothko; the natural decay of the building takes on a distinctly abstract-expressionism look in its corridors. This image has had no color enhancements done is post processing – this is just as I found it. Sweet beautiful decay.

Be sure to check out my friend Amanda’s images from this shoot Part 1: here and Part 2 here.

Nikon D800 FX

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center — KPPC


18 responses to “2—2 (2015)

  1. Now why do I feel like singing…”Peelings! Nothing more than peelings!” 🙂 Another great composition here. Question: Did you kick up a cloud of dust walking through all of this?

  2. Wow! What an amazing study of textures and colors! Perfect composition, as always, Robert. It’s an image to study, and enjoy, for its depth in all senses of the term.

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