Hi-ISO (2015)


Building 7 at Kings Park Psychiatric Center — Kings Park, NY

As many of my long-time followers know, I have been revisiting previous sites with my new full-frame DSLR. Here is an experiment using the high ISO function of my D800…

Be sure to check out my friend Amanda’s images from this shoot Part 1: here and Part 2 here.

Nikon D800 FX (ISO 3200)

To view more of my images, visit my portfolio site here.

Kings Park Psychiatric Center — KPPC


21 responses to “Hi-ISO (2015)

    • Absolutely love it…I like that I have more control over DOF and the resolution of the D800 is just out of this world. While I do not normally shoot above ISO 100, it is nice to know that I can without too much image degradation.

      • I’d been wanting to upgrade (I had a D7000) but kept talking myself out of it. But when I was in Canada in April, shooting with my friend Ehpem, who uses a full-frame Canon, and I saw side-by-side the differences…well, you know what happened next! I’ve also made a big (for me!) switch from a zoom lens to a prime.

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