Changes (2015)


Warehouse — Waterbury, Connecticut

Standing right about where I took my “This Can’t Be Good” post we see how quickly the wrecker works. This location is set to be a cookie-cutter chain grocery store and gasoline station in the near future. Good-bye warehouse of the wet cardboard…and so ends our visit, just in the nick of time. More explores to come. Thanks for coming along.

Nikon D800 FX

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Waterbury, Connecticut


7 responses to “Changes (2015)

      • A very good reminder! Theres a prime example in a little town near to me. Must go very soon. Things are a’ changin’ there too. A huge wonderful old building, but all behind fences. Still I want to capture some of the past before it is gone.

  1. Yep! I drove past this one barn that I could just walk right up to for months saying I’d get to it and then one day – POOF! It was plowed over. I like this shot but it’s a bit sad in a way.

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