Death of a Sleeping Giant (2015)


Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

Bristol Manufacturing (a.k.a. Bristol-Babcock) manufactured precision gauges for industries worldwide until closing in the late 1980s; and the 310,000 square foot building has sat dormant on 6.5 acres of property, slowly decaying in the midst of a residential neighborhood along the Naugatuck River ever since. I began visiting this location in the late 1990s and have documented its beautiful return to a natural state on multiple explorations. Late on Thursday, August 13th the building was attacked by an arsonist and has been burning ever since. When the fire is finally out, I expect the entire structure to be razed by the local authorities. Here then is my last visit to this location done in April of this year…

Nikon D800 FX

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Waterbury, Connecticut


5 responses to “Death of a Sleeping Giant (2015)

    • Thanks – yes, it was the best possible way to capture the fire – I got close to the building down by the river, but the vegetation was far too dense to yield a good image. This is from a highway overpass.

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