And Now For Something Completely Different… (2015)


Lasting Impressions – New York, New York

You can “know” someone online and yet not really know them – and for all the world-shrinking abilities of the Web, nothing is quite like meeting up with people face-to-face. I was lucky enough to meet up with some great online friends recently in NYC for a fun day of shooting and conversation. But as we traversed this great city, I was struck by the large number of detached people running around quite oblivious to who they were with and where they were at – each fully entranced by the culture of the self. It was a stark juxtaposition between my group of six people who made an effort to make contact and those surrounding us so totally caught up in the self on their screens. We will return to my usual fare of Urbex adventures tomorrow, but wanted to thank Leanne, Stacy, Robyn, Nicci and Robin for a wonderful time getting to know each other.

Nikon D800 w/16-24mm Nikkor,  f7.1 @ 1/4 sec ISO 1600


30 responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different… (2015)

  1. Hi, Robert: Great street image, the slow shutter really sets it apart from others I’ve seen. It was great shooting with you as well, sorry I couldn’t be with you guys earlier in the day. Like you I am catching up, and will start posting my NYC images after I cover the trip to Iceland.

  2. What an amazing photograph, Robert! I had a good time meeting you and everyone else too. Thanks so much for making sure we didn’t get locked into the stairwell in Grand Central, LOL!

      • LOL If we were, we’d be news by now.

        In the library? Amazing…you really were up to some sneaky stuff with that camera. I was wondering what would come out of that shoot. I never noticed that guy. I spent all my time trying to get my camera to focus, LOL.

        I am guilty of doing selfies. I hadn’t really thought about it before this trip. Social media created the habit. We want to take everyone we know everywhere with us. Living out loud. It’s kind of like we’re all starring in our own reality shows. The positive side would be if we lost interest in media stars because we are our own stars. That would be hilarious and good if we stopped idolizing people because they were on tv or in movies.

        One thing I’m glad of is that the selfie stick seemed like one step too far to me. At least I can feel smug I never did that!

        I really enjoyed the insight of this photo and discussion, Robert. This is one thing I love about art, when it makes me think.

  3. Great shot Robert, so a familiar site around town I’m noticing, unfortunately. Thank you so much for coming in and then coming in again, I really enjoyed getting to know you more, and I hope we will continue to be friends.

  4. Robert, really love this image! Visually striking and memorable.
    So happy that you all got to meet up. So exciting!! This blogging world – especially the people in it – is a wonderful place.
    Such a contradiction you describe.

  5. Seems I missed this post, Robert. What a fantastic shot! The Library? Wow! And paired with your commentary, you’ve presented a very powerful post. I love seeing how everyone else in our group saw things that day. So much fun to meet you and the others – watching everyone work was icing on the cake! I am just now starting to go through my images (yes, I’m that far behind!).

    • Stacy, Yes this was at the library and as you know, the selfie stick problem only got worse as the day went on. This was one of those shots I knew I “had” as soon as I tripped the shutter. Yes, seeing our friends at work was an extra special part of this day.Thanks.

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