Work Space (2015)


St. Nicholas Coal Breaker — Mahanoy, Pennsylvania

Most of the ground level seemed to have been reserved for repair and maintenance equipment.

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

St. Nicholas Coal Breaker


5 responses to “Work Space (2015)

  1. Came across your Images of the ole’ Coal Breaker today. The St. Nickoles Coal Breaker probably has been torn down by now. The last time I was up there, the whole place in the background was being dug up and leaving a large hole in the ground. The Breaker is located just outside the town of Shenandoah, PA and not far from Mahoney City. I live about a hours drive from there. Now, I don’t think the property can be entered anymore, because their were Private Property signs with a chain link fence all the way around. It’s sorry to see a Historic place such as this go by the wayside where so many worked to bring Coal to our Nation. Nice Images of the rusted place.

    • Thanks…these were taken about a month ago – about half the place was torn down, but a lot was still standing – yes, the fence was up and just as I left a private security guard “checked in” at the gate…too bad they could not have gotten some historical use out of it. I have about two-weeks worth of images yet to post on this site.

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