Boiler Room | Part 3 — No. 7 (2015)


Museum of Contemporary Art — North Adams, Massachusetts

Leaving the boiler room we see how the entire building has been rendered as a work of art. Along the connecting steel that used to support the steam lines is Michael Oatman’s “The Shining”*  – a 1970s Airstream “satellite” complete with slowly disintegrating parachute.

The repurposing of this building is a great example of how, with a bit of creativity and forward thinking, we can repurpose these great building from our collective pasts into monuments that future generation can enjoy. Thanks for coming along…tomorrow we venture into another tour of our abandoned world.

*Describing his installation: “Donald Carusi is a fictional character who is missing after his craft, zooming along the path of unquestioned progress, falls to Earth. 1978 is when he departed in the vessel “Library of the Sun,” a time of immense optimism about how changes in the way we live could save the planet”

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

Mass MoCA


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