Footsteps of the Dead (2015)


Norwich State Hospital for the Insane — Preston, Connecticut

Make no mistake about it, the buildings of Norwich Hospital are in a dire state of decay – even the No Trespassing sign is old and worn. The pattern for building use here was as soon as a building needed extensive renovation, the State would build a newer structure and abandon the buildings in need of repair. Therefore even though this facility has been closed since 1996, many of the buildings have been vacant for much longer.

Nikon D800

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Norwich Asylum


13 responses to “Footsteps of the Dead (2015)

  1. A perfectly framed, amazing image, Robert! It characterized abandonment and decay. I like how the wood where the window in the door used to be looks like there is a stylized multi-legged insect in the middle of it, just to add to the delicious creepiness.

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