Chow Line (2015)


Norwich State Hospital for the Insane — Preston, Connecticut

In the dining area we can envision a line for daily meals; the clanging of plates on trays and the institutional food smell wafting among the patients shuffling footsteps…however our footfalls are now muffled by the powered fluff of decaying ceiling tiles upon the floor and the only smell is of mold and decay…

To compare and contrast my shots with those of my shooting partner, check out Amanda’s blog here.

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

Norwich Asylum


15 responses to “Chow Line (2015)

  1. Yeah, I love the colors coming in from the windows, contrasting with all the gray and decay. I wonder how much asbestos is floating about as footsteps stir it up? I know you wear special equipment while shooting in a place like this… darned good thing, I’m sure!

  2. WOW… seems like you have an endless supply of places to investigate. I guess living in an area with relics as old as the pilgrims helps. I love the different colors coming through the windows in this!

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