Fine Dining (2016)


Winship House — Wakefield, Massachusetts

Irving and Casson – A. H. Davenport Co. was one of the most significant American furniture makers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The firm was recognized for its fine craftsmanship of furniture and interior woodwork, with the company also providing complete interior design services. 

Nikon D800

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Charles Winship House


27 responses to “Fine Dining (2016)

  1. And still a photograph remaining…..I do get rather annoyed with all the senseless tagging that appears in these places…..

  2. Sad about the tagging. Idiots will ruin anything and everything. All the beautiful things that show the quality of how things were done in the past will soon be lost. Very disappointing, but the image is excellent, Robert!

  3. We alway go into these places in artistic pursuit of decay, but it is sad to see beautiful craftsmanship being defiled by vandals. Photographs like this elevate the work we do by showing how neglect can ruin the architectural gems from our past.

  4. It’s such an odd juxtaposition of time….from the craftsmanship of the wood to the graffiti. What really bugs me is when they graffiti nature. Still sad either way but what a find Robert.

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