A Rabbit’s Warren of Rooms (2016)


Winship House — Wakefield, Massachusetts

This house lacked the symmetry found in most of the abandoned places I visit and it was quite easy to lose track of exactly where you were at any given time.

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

Charles Winship House


11 responses to “A Rabbit’s Warren of Rooms (2016)

      • I am indeed but I wish I could undo the vandalism. It’s such a shame to see a thing of such beauty spoiled in this way. Natural decay at the hands of time, rather than the hands of a person or persons, would be different – kind of bittersweet. I just keep wondering who would do this and why and . . .

      • I agree…Bored teens – as you may be able to tell from the moronic “bad” words used…I think the roof is leaking as there was a large amount of mold going on here, so someone needs to act quickly if this place is to be saved.

  1. Another great shot, I like the window light on the floor – maybe just me but an odd place for a fireplace in an older building – the chimney stack presumably going up through the middle of the house??

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