Write Lightly (2016)


Winship House — Wakefield, Massachusetts

“Dear diary, it’s been just like a dream…Woke up too late, wasn’t where I should’ve been…For goodness sake what’s happening to me?…Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary…” — Ray Thomas (The Moody Blues)


Nikon D800

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Charles Winship House


20 responses to “Write Lightly (2016)

  1. I came across this house a few weeks ago while watching a online video. Although I live thousands of miles away, I can’t stop thinking about it. All this pointless destruction of idiot teens and that just in a few years. I have seen information from the realtors. The house looked fantastic in 2010.
    All this damage within 6 years?

    What would motivate a family to leave all their personal things behind. Memories of a childhood being trampled on…

    Thanks for the blog

    Hope some thing is done with this house soon. It is a national landmark.

    • Thanks – yes, I plan to end this series with that video…when I was there the current owners (bank) were boarding up the place, but too little too late and i expect arson to be the next issue here. I have tracked down one of the daughters and plan on contacting her to see if she can shed any light on what happened at the end.

  2. As mentioned, this story has been making me sad an confused for quite some time now. Since I saw the first video of someone taking a tour of the house and seeing all the personal things and valuables such as piano or a complete gym left behind. I keep wondering what must have happened. I assumed the owners had passed away. Some online research showed that it was bankruptcy. But why not sell the furniture or the piano to bay off some of the debts.

    How did it come to that?

    As far as I know the former owner just moved around the block and just lives 5 minutes away.
    Would love to hear her story and to see this building saved.

    • Yes and I agree…There was a lot of deferred maintenance that I saw too – just too big a house to keep up without deep pockets. These abandoned places are always a mystery.

  3. What an amazing find, Robert. I would be too curious not to read at least some of it, but I would leave it where I found it. It would be so interesting to me. As a writer, I am always looking for things like that diary, to get an insight into what people think in their most private moments.

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