Play Me A Sad Song (2016)


Winship House — Wakefield, Massachusetts

“My castle, kids and home, I thought she was Mary, Queen of Scots, I tried so very hard, shows just how wrong you can be…” — Sad Song by Lou Reed

Nikon D800

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Charles Winship House


12 responses to “Play Me A Sad Song (2016)

  1. I can believe it too. I have no connection to Wakefield whatsoever. Yet since I first saw the video of someone walking through this biding with the clothes still hanging in the closet and the food still in the fridge, I can’t stop wondering what happened.

    I find buildings in natural decay interesting. It has a certain feel of nature taking it back to it. It also shows the footprints humanity leaves behind…

    This building however I find terrible as it is not nature but pointless vandalism comitted by board teens who have never learned the value of art and beauty.

    Perhaps this is the European in me, but i consider historic arcitecture to be something to apreciate and treasure.

    Thinking of those who have nothing makes it hard to understand how others can walk away from their belongings and even more so speachless how others can destroy something that beautiful.

    Thank you for your blog.

  2. In my family, we respected all of our things and took care of them, but the piano was held in highest regard. That’s why this image is especially appalling to me. (P.S., I still have the piano, lovingly enjoyed and played to this day!)

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